Traceability Natupol bumblebee hives


Not only the production is highly controlled but also the output is traceable through the European TRACES system. 


TRACES tool for tracking movement products of animal origin

The TRACES system is an European Trade management tool for tracking the movement of animals and products of animal origin from both outside of the European Union and within its territory. It is innovating and improving the management of animal diseases and a tool for the competent authorities.


A special datamatrix outside the hive shows the date of packaging and the TRACES code. Traces is a web-based veterinary certification tool used by the European Union for controlling the import and export of live animals.

Encoding TRACES codes

Code on the inside

The code on the inside of the hive, located on the plastic, is a copy of the matrix-code in numbers. This allows you to be sure you have a genuine Natupol hive inside and out.

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