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The best bees with every order

Natupol colonies are of high stabile quality and produced in accordance with strict requirements. The colonies are checked prior to packaging, guaranteeing vital bumblebees who offer stable, high, and long-lasting pollination. The most important requirements for colonies of high standard quality are a productive queen bumblebee laying many eggs for the future and the composition of the colony adjusted to the need of the grower. It is important to use the right colony for the specific crop and circumstances.

Sustainable pollination

Every colony is carefully checked prior packaging. This is the reason why Natupol is not only known by its high but also its stabile quality, the base for sustainable pollination. The inspectors are not only looking for the right amount of bumblebees. But more important looking at the presence of a highly vital queen and the composition of the brood (minimal amount of worker larvae, pupae and adults). Koppert is not simply selling a box full of bumblebees but a long lasting bumblebee pollination solution; that is Natupol.

Iso certified production

Koppert produces over 800.000 colonies per year in specialized production locations in Slovakia, Turkey, the United States and Mexico. Our production sites (Turkey, Mexico and Slovakia) produce according to ISO certification 9001.

Some aspects of bumblebee production:

  •  The bumblebee colonies inside the bumblebee production facilities are completely isolated from outside world. There is no direct contact with honeybees and wild bumblebees.
  •  The whole production process is guided by standard operational procedures and very strict quality protocols. All in and outputs are monitored and controlled.
  • The production takes place in laboratory style controlled environment.
  • The production is being executed by a well trained and experienced team of employees.

What’s in for growers?

The growers see these quality measures reflected in:

  • Bumblebees who take care of good and long-lasting pollination.
  • Disease free colonies.
  • QR-code on the hive which guarantee the factories produce bumblebees in accordance with local and international legislation and are subject to strict and regular inspections by local veterinary authorities as well as independent external specialists.
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