The best pollination queen Bombus Terrestris


25 years of continuous selection for only the best queens is reflected in highly vital bumblebee queens able to lay many more eggs and are less sensitive to stress. That’s the reason why Koppert bumblebees have a longer life span and offer more pollination hours than bumblebees produced by others. This vital bumblebees can prolong the longevity of a colony.

8 Weeks of pollination

Thanks to their vitality, the Natupol-bumblebees are more resistant to suboptimal environmental conditions (heat, longer colder periods influencing the crop, etc.). Under more difficult weather conditions they will work longer than other brands. Under normal conditions the Natupol bumblebees pollinate for at least eight weeks.

Vitality of bumblebees

Natural production

Life cycle Bumblebee

The queen is the founder and center of every colony. Koppert produces queens by copying the natural cycle in laboratory style climate rooms under the best possible conditions, while providing the best food and care each and every time. Koppert only selects queens of the highest quality. This level of quality ensures their resistance to stress and ability to lay high numbers of eggs over a long period of time. Eggs turn into hungry larvae which are the motivation for the workers to collect pollen. 

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