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Healthy production

Worldwide, more and more crops are dependent on pollination with bumblebees. The supply of safe, healthy and effective bumblebee colonies is essential, both for the client and the producer. Koppert takes its responsibilities very seriously when it comes to producing bumblebees. Our bumblebee colonies produced for professional agricultural and horticultural use are subject to very strict internal and external checks. The grower sees these measurements reflected in stable and effective pollination.

Highly controlled process

The production of bumblebee is a highly controlled, inspected and traceable process. There:   

  • are well maintained standard operational procedures covering all processes and inspections.
  • is a pest and disease program in place covering all requirements of combined international competent authorities.
  • is a standardized, effective  and cyclic screening (sampling/detection) system in place.
  • is a own high tech laboratory, well equipped for the necessary tests and diagnoses.
  • are regular screenings carried out by independent authorized external labs.
  • are audits carried out on a very strict and regular schedule dictated by the competent authorities.
  • are veterinary certificates being provided with every shipment and linked to the individual traceable colonies.

Isolated production

Koppert, as the international market leader in the field of pollination, has high-tech bumblebee production facilities in Slovakia, Turkey, the United States and Mexico. Our experienced and well trained teams produce over 800.000 colonies per year. The bumblebee colonies are produced in enclosed production facilities which are completely isolated from the outside world.  

Controlled and traceable production

Our bumblebees are produced in accordance with local and international legislation and are subject to strict monitoring by local veterinarians (Ministry of Food Safety) and independent external specialists, authorized by the government. No antibiotics or pharmaceuticals are being used during the process. All inputs, such as food and rearing materials, are controlled and of the highest quality. Our production sites in Turkey, Mexico and Slovakia produce according to the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems. Every product is numbered and traceable through certificates and tracking codes (TRACES).

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