Bumblebee colonie –bombus terrestris-pollination

More pollination potential

Natupol results in at least 30% more pollination potential compared with rival products. Koppert's bumblebee colonies grow bigger (30%) and last longer (1 or 2 weeks). 25 years of continuous selection for only the best queens is reflected in highly vital bumblebee queens able to lay many more eggs and are less sensitive to stress. The more eggs, the more pollen needs to be collected, the more pollination is being done and the bigger the brood volume. And this is exactly what you see in the field and gives growers: best value for your money!

30% bigger colonies

The maximum brood volume of a Natupol colony at the end of the lifecycle of the colony is at least 30% bigger than the maximum volume of the colony of others.

Better growing brood volume

The brood volume of colonies after 9-10 weeks grows very different between brands. The bigger the brood volume, the more pollination is being done and provide you extra pollination security.

Better growing brood volume
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