Natupol hive in tomato

Instant start

The Natupol bumblebees start pollinating immediately after the hive is opened. Koppert achieves this instant start through:    

  • An innovative feeding method called Polfeed.
  • Special treatment for the bumblebees during packaging.
  • Our high-tech hives. 

An innovative and labour-efficient feeding method

The Natupol hives contains our latest innovation: Polfeed. This feed is nutritious but less attractive for the bumblebees than pollen. Once the hive is opened, the bumblebees switch directly to the pollen in the crop. Advantages of Polfeed:

  • Contains 100% natural ingredients  of the highest quality.
  • Maintains the high quality of the brood and colony.
  • Encourages the bumblebees to start pollinating the crop even when Polfeed is still present.
  • Can replaces the Expol system. Same effect, but labour saving for growers.
  • Disinfected

A special treatment for the bumblebees

Before transport the Natupol hives get a special climate treatment. This treatment stimulates the bumblebees to optimize the insulation around the brood. So they prepare a cotton layer before they enter the greenhouse.  Once the hive is opened, the bumblebees are ready to pollinate.

Our high-tech hives

The hive is designed in such a way that the microclimate in the hive is easily maintained. As a result, right after opening the hive the bumblebees can immediately devote all their energy to pollination.



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