Bumblebee pollinates tomato flower –bombus terrestris

Consistent performance

Pollination performance depends not only on high-quality and vital colonies but also on a well equipped hive. The Natupol hive is designed in such a way that the microclimate in the hive is easily maintained; the bumblebees need 20% less energy for cooling and heating the hive. So the bumblebees can devote more energy to pollination. Even under more difficult conditions, like cloudy weather, the bumblebees continue to pollinate and deliver outstanding performance.

25% less energy consumption

20% less energy consumption

Every Natupol hive is equipped with insulation, integrated in the hive, directly under the brood. This insures the sugar water will not influence the temperature of the brood (28 oCelsius) and leads to 20% less energy consumption and therefore more pollination hours.

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