Inside the bumblebee Natupol hive

Less energy consumption

Pollination depends not only on high-quality and vital colonies but also on climatic conditions around the hive and the brood. As a result the hive and his microclimate are very important. This is why Koppert does a great deal of research and testing to develop the best hive for both the bumblebees and the grower.  

Less energy consumption

25% less energy consumption

Every Natupol hive is equipped with insulation, integrated in the hive, directly under the brood. This insures the sugar water will not influence the temperature of the brood (28 oCelsius) and leads to 20% less energy consumption and therefore more pollination hours.

Optimum climate control

The hive is designed in such a way that the microclimate in the hive is easily maintained, so the bumblebees can devote all their energy to pollination. This, in combination with the best practise advise ensure that the Natupol bumblebees can deliver a few extra hours of pollination per day. They have a greater pollination potential than bumblebees of others. Even under more difficult weather conditions.

Sugar water

Our sugar water bag is remarkably user friendly and problem free, securing the availability of sugar for the bees, while keeping the food clean. The sugar water inside the Natupol hive is a high-quality, optimum energy source. Bumblebees love it!

To reach the sugar water Koppert developed the high tech capillary tube in close cooperation with leading international companies. The tube takes care of the transport of the sugar water to the bumblebees, invisible but essential in pollination of for instance tomatoes. This tube is known for its lack of problems, continuously working capillary transport of sugar and preventing fungi/bacteria growing into the sugar water.

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