When using pesticides or to move the hive the bumblebees have to be at home. In that case the grower is able to use the Beehome of the Natupol-hive. The Wireless Beehome is especially useful in crops under artificial light.  


The hive contains two flight holes. One lets the bumblebees fly in and out. The second hole offers the ‘Beehome’ feature: bumblebees can fly in, but not out. This is achieved by simply closing the two-way flight hole. Within 90 minutes all bumblebees will have returned to the hive. 

Wireless Beehome

The Wireless Beehome closes the Natupol hive automatically. This is useful during the darkest months of the year (November-February) in crops under artificial light. During these periods there is not enough UV light, resulting in serious orientation problems for the bumblebees. The Wireless Beehome system makes it possible to release bumblebees only during favourable light conditions by timed opening and closing of the flight hole.

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