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Koppert is working with various bumblebee pollination product (hives) Natupol N(ormal), Natupol E(xtra), Minipol, etc. The differences are based on the amount and duration of pollination they are providing securing the best match for your purpose. Which colony to use depends on the crop, the amount of flowers/m2, the duration of blossom, the environmental conditions in combination with the total surface. Your local dealer can explain you which product suit best for your application. Or ask you question online.

Seasonal advices

The number of hives and frequency of introduction depend on varies parameters such as the number of flowers, type of greenhouse, season, temperature, humidity, state of plants, amount of light etc. Koppert can provide you a tailor made pollination plan securing your pollination in the most easy way and provide you seasonal advices when suddenly conditions change, preventing problems from occurring. Please contact your local specialist for more information or ask your question online

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