Distribution Natupol bumblebee hives

Availability of fresh products

The transport time from the production location to the end user is kept as short as possible. During the logistical chain the whole process and conditions are monitored closely ensuring the best possible conditions for the bumblebees. 

Quality control

Our bumblebees are produced in accordance with local and international legislation and are subject to strict monitoring by local veterinarians (Ministry of Food Safety) and independent external specialists, authorized by the government. No antibiotics or pharmaceuticals are being used during the process. It is all natural. All inputs, such as food and rearing materials, are controlled and  of the highest quality.

Our production sites in Turkey, Mexico and Slovakia produce according to the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems.  Every product is numbered and traceable through certificates and tracking codes (TRACES).

Always on stock

Koppert supplies bumblebees in 60 countries. Our bumblebees are available year-round in all required quantities, when they are needed and also close to your production(s).  During the logistical chain the process and conditions are monitored closely ensuring they arrive at the end users healthy and ready to go to work.


For the transportation of colonies, Koppert always calls upon transporters who know how to handle living products. When arriving at the subsidiary or distributor Koppert checks the conditions of the colonies in order to guarantee the quality.

Various bumblebee species

Koppert produces various species of bumblebee for different regions, namely Bombus terrestris, Bombus terrestris audax, Bombus canariensis, Bombus impatiens and Bombus ignitus. Each species reliably carries out the work expected of them: pollination, pollination and more pollination!



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