What growers say

What growers say

250 Natupol advisors and 120 distributors worldwide help growers in their greenhouse by offering customized advice using best practices. In case of problems the well trained and solution driven consultants will investigate the issues seriously. Continuous research and active feedback from ‘the field’ are the basis for the ‘best practice advice’. Kopperts goal is to help growers get as much pollination work out of the bumblebees as possible. Growers see the advantages of this way of working. Like Rahouan Mansour from Tunisia, Rodriguez Manrique of Spain and Peter Withagen from the Netherlands. 

Radhouan Mansour

Radhouan Mansour, producer of tomatoes in Tunisia: “Producing tomatoes without bumblebees is inconceivable. Thanks to better pollination there is more fruit with better weight, better shape, and a longer shelf life after harvesting. Postharvest losses have also greatly declined. So there is much less work involved and revenues have increased.”

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