Bumblebee in strawberry

Pollination in protected crops

Natupol is the product (brand) name of bumblebee colonies packed in a hive suitable for pollination in protected environments such as greenhouses, tunnels and tents. Bumblebees are used for pollination of tomatoes and other vegetable crops and also for various fruit, seed and ornamental crops. Depending on the region, Natupol hives contain Bombus terrestris in Europe, Bombus impatiens in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Bombus ignitus/Bombus terrestris in Japan, Bombus canariensis on the Spanish isles and Bombus terrestris audax in Great Britain and Ireland.


Natupol© is the market standard for natural pollination. This hive can be used for optimal fruit set of tomato and other vegetable, fruit, seed and ornamental crops in a protected environment.
General species are Bombus terrestris (great earth bumblebee). For USA, Canada and Mexico: Bombus impatiens. Natupol contains one colony with queen, workers and brood (pupae, eggs and larvae), sugar water unit containing sugar solution.
Special hive types are available for specific crops, applications and surfaces. 


Minipol  is a special bumblebee pollination unit in a smaller (than Natupol) hive for vegetable, fruit, seed and ornamental crops in a protected environment up to 750 m2. Effective surface depends on type of crop/number of flowers (ask your advisor).
Minipol contains one colony with brood (pupae, eggs and larvae) and sugar solution.

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