Other pollination products

Other pollination products

The Natupol hive can be introduced for excellent pollination without the need for supportive products. However, for specific situations Koppert offers products that can increase or support the quality of the Natupol hive.

Wireless beehome

Natupol also works in crops under artificial light in combination with the Wireless Beehome. Assimilation lights change the growing conditions in the greenhouse. Bumblebees have difficulties with their orientation, and this hinders effective pollination. It is possible to release the bumblebees only during favourable light conditions by timely opening and closing the flight hole. This not only improves the pollination performance, but also increases the development and lifespan of the colonies. With Wireless Beehome it is possible to open and close the flight holes automatically.


Pollination Natufly

Flies are very important pollinators for seed producers using small tents of isolations where standard honeybee or bumblebee colonies cannot be used. Koppert has been marketing the Lucilia sericata fly under the product name Natufly. This product can be used effectively in combination with bumblebees and honeybees.





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